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Keystone House is a nonprofit organization that provides residential and psychosocial services for adults with psychiatric disorders in greater Norwalk, CT. Our mission is help individuals adjust to and remain in the community environments of their choosing by providing them with necessary life skills and tools to help them live as independently as possible. 

Founded in 1972, Keystone began with one home that served 12 clients. The organization grew significantly over the years; In 2018 we served 225 clients. 


Keystone provides a variety of services including: 

  • Two transitional housing programs 

  • One long term housing program

  • A supportive apartment program 

  • A psychosocial rehabilitation program

  • The Community Living Center program, which offers social, cultural, educational, and rehabilitative programming

Learn more about our services.

At Keystone, it’s all about our clients. They come from all walks of life and have very different backgrounds. Some have high levels of education, some do not. Others have been very disabled by their illnesses, while others haven’t. No matter who they are or what their background is, our goal is to help each client live their best lives and meet their personal goals.  


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