Our two group home facilities offer a safe and supportive environment where an individual, who is struggling with the many symptoms of their mental illness, can learn the skills and routines needed to live more independently in the community. Individualized service plans are developed to address skill and support needs. All residents participate in a minimum of 40 hours of rehabilitation services every month. This can consist of group participation or individual interventions with a primary case manager or clinician at the facility. Support services and skill training activities may include: symptom management, supervision of self-administration of prescribed medications, budgeting, shopping, laundry, hygiene, housekeeping, use of public transportation, educational pursuits, employment, maintaining optimal health and accessing clinical services. All clients receive assistance in finding, funding, and securing future living arrangements. The majority of clients move on to their own apartment in the community, some return to their home, and a few realize that their needs require a more intensive level of care. The two facilities have staff on site 24/7and are licensed by CT Department of Public Health.